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Computerized Flowbench

The completely portable SF-60 is SuperFlow's most economical flowbench for testing go-karts and small two-stroke engines. It flows 90 cfm at 15" of water (42 l/s at 38 cm) and weighs only 33 lbs. (15 Kg). The SF-60 is designed for easy testing of engines up to 50hp (35 kW) per cylinder. The fully computerized system saves the user time by providing corrected flow data on the easy-to-read, precision display. The SF-60 is a great learning tool for schools because it allows users to easily teach the principles of flowbench testing and enjoy the time-saving benefits of the FlowComT computer system, all at a very affordable price. A built-in jack for an optional velocity probe lets operators read percent velocity, inches-of-water (cm-of-water) velocity pressure, or feet-per-second (meters-per-second) velocity.

Flow: Flows 90 cfm at 15" of water (42 l/s at 38cm). The SF-60 provides fast, accurate and repeatable results at any pressure between 5" (13 cm) and 30" (76 cm) of water. Testing is typically performed at 15" of water test pressure; for smaller valves, test pressure can be increased to 30" (76 cm).

Flow Direction: The SF-60 is capable of both intake and exhaust flow direction. It is setup from the factory for intake flow. To change flow direction to test two-cycle engines, simply remove the top plate and invert the motor. Air is then blown up through transfer ports, into cylinder heads and where it exits via the exhaust port.

Flow Measurement: The SF-60 has five flow ranges to match valve size or valve lift. Operators can run all tests within a single range or change ranges to obtain extended accuracy at low lifts, with all readings within 0.5% accuracy. Having five flow ranges increases the resolution of flow measurement on the SF-60 compared to single range systems. With the SF-60 changes of 1% are easily detectable.




  • Flows 90 CFM at 15in. of water (42 l/s at 38cm)
  • Includes FlowComT digital airflow measurement system
    • FlowCom™ provides digital readouts (in English of metric units) for:
      • Corrected flow
      • Test pressure
      • Velocity probe
    • Automatically regulates test pressure
    • Outputs to optional Port Flow AnalyzerT flowbench software through a serial connection to your computer
    • External frequency and load inputs for velocity probe, swirl meter, tumble meter and other devices
  • Includes automatic motor controller
  • Designed for intake flow, but will flow exhaust if motor is inverted
  • Portable, bench top design
  • Factory calibration
  • All digital for accurate, repeatable and fast testing
  • Designed for go-kart, Jr. dragster, and small two-cycle engines
  • Operation manual
  • 1 year warranty
  • Industry leading technical support






PortFlow Analyzer
Accelerates Your Cylinder Head Port Analysis

Digital Airflow Measurement System Software for faster, more accurate testing on your SuperFlow flowbench.

  • Uses the latest technology
  • Save time entering data
  • Minimize mistakes
  • Make a professional impression
  • See why some heads make more power than others
  • Compare various head/cam/engine combinations for the desired type of performance
  • "Database" your heads for fast retrieval and comparisons

Port Flow Analyzer Basic Software
  • Display, record and print your flowbench data
  • Runs on Microsoft™ Windows
  • Requires FlowCom™
  • Includes test pressure conversion utility
  • Stores up to 30 lift points
  • Compare data from different cylinder heads or tests
  • Upgradeable to PortFlow Analyzer Pro

Port Flow Analyzer Pro Software

Includes all the basic software features PLUS:
  • A variety of performance calculations
  • Input data from swirl or tumble meters
  • Performs port mapping when using velocity probes
  • Customize graphs and printed reports

Motor Controller
Automatically Regulate Test Pressure

The optional motor controller automatically regulates test pressure. The FlowCom™ digital air flow computer is necessary for operation. The units are available for the SF-110, SF-120, and SF-600 flowbenches.

Velocity Probes (Pitot Tubes)
Measure Intake and Exhaust Air

SuperFlow velocity probes measure intake and exhaust air velocity via three different styles of probes. Use them to get a baseline and then again after you’ve completed your head work to measure improvement. When paired with PortFlow Analyzer Pro Software from Performance Trends you can create detailed port velocity maps to see high and low areas in each port.

Exhaust Probes
  • 90° bend to reach easily in exhaust ports
  • Includes vinyl tubing and brass fittings
  • 13 ˝ ” long
  • *Requires second manometer or FlowCom™

Intake Probes

  • 180° bend to reach easily into intake ports
  • Included vinyl tubing and brass fittings
  • 13 ˝” long; J-bend length 1 ˝”; J-bend width ľ ”
  • *Requires second manometer or FlowCom™

Tight Radius Velocity Probe

  • .600” tight radius 180° bend for testing small ports found on Briggs and other small engines
  • *Requires second manometer or FlowCom™



Aluminium Flow Test Stand


Cylinder Head Adapters
We offer many different acrylic and aluminum cylinder head adapters for V-8, metric and VW heads. The aluminum flow test stand is available with removable bore cylinders for a wide variety of testing possibilities. Add an adjustable slider plate for even quicker testing; available applications include: Small Block Chevy, Ford, Early Big Block Chevy, Gen V and VI Big Block Chevy and custom slider plates. Call a SuperFlow sales engineer today to determine the exact products for your flow testing requirements.

V-8 Head Adapter


Make Airflow Testing Quick and Easy

Faster, More Accurate Airflow Testing
FlowCom™ automatically measures test pressure and temperature and shows corrected flow on its easy-to-read, graphical display. FlowCom can automatically regulate test pressure with the optional motor controller. Select the test pressure at the beginning of the test, and FlowCom regulates the pressure as the valve lift (or test orifice size) changes. FlowCom can control to test pressure or airflow (cfm).

All data can be simultaneously transmitted in real time to your computer through its serial or Universal Serial Bus (USB) connection. FlowCom can communicate with WinDyn™ for flowbenches and Port Flow Analyzer software for airflow data analysis.

If preferred, you may record results manually on SuperFlow-supplied forms and can freeze the data at each test point using the FlowCom keypad or a hand- or foot-operated push button.

You can connect a velocity probe to the FlowCom inputs to display air speeds. Connect a strain gauge, frequency-based swirl meter, or tumble meter, and FlowCom displays swirl torque or swirl per unit of flow.


  • Automatically calculates, corrects, and shows flow on the large graphic display
  • Automatically regulates test pressure with optional motor controller
  • Perform cylinder head port tests in a fraction of the time needed for testing without FlowCom™
  • Control to test pressure or airflow (cfm)
  • External velocity probe, swirl-and-tumble-meter input
  • Compact, lightweight microprocessor design is self-contained, so no computer is necessary
  • Rugged construction to withstand harsh shop environments
  • Easy-to-clean, bubble-button keypad
  • Large numeric keypad for rapid data entry.
  • Works with computer equipped with optional WinDyn™ for flowbenches and Port Flow Analyzer™ airflow analysis software
  • FlowCom™ is available factory-installed or as a retrofit on other SuperFlow flowbenches
  • Firmware upgrades are easy to perform using the USB interface

For testing with Pitot Tubes or for Carburetor Signal Testing

For customers with manometer style benches SuperFlow offers additional manometers for testing with pitot tubes or for carburetor input signal testing. Two sizes are available, 16” for SF-110 and SF-120, and 48” for the SF-600. In all cases the additional manometer mounts to the side of the flowbench with the included bracket and hardware.

Universal Valve Opening Bar
The universal valve opening bar fits everything from 4-cylinders to big-block Chevy heads. It can easily be equipped with a dial indicator to quickly and accurately measure valve lift at any point. For applications with 4 valves per cylinder the bar can be equipped with a second dial indicator and a two valve opening assembly. Add a set of center bolt valve cover adapters and flow testing springs for the ultimate setup. Call a SuperFlow sales engineer today for more information.

Radius Inlet Flow Guides
SuperFlow also offers acrylic radius inlet flow guides for a variety of applications. These CNC machined guides have a ˝ ” radius and are ľ ” thick. Guides are available for most common gasket sizes or we can create a custom flow guide to your specifications. Call a SuperFlow sales engineer today for more information.

Automatic Valve Actuator

The automatic valve opener fits standard automotive cylinder heads. It’s compact, rugged aluminum design provides years of service. The included mounting brackets adjust to most any valve angle and the valve opener’s 2in. (51cm) stroke makes setup easy. The required Port Flow Analyzer Software is configured for over 50 different lifts in most any order, either opening or closing the valve. The precision stepper motor has a resolution of .0001in. (.0025mm) and allows the valve to open or close in increments as small as .010in. (.25mm). Contact a SuperFlow sales engineer today for more information.

* Main Body Dimensions: 3.5” x 2” x 2” (90 x 51 x 51 mm)
* USB connection works with most computers (requires 110 or 220 VAC power and USB connector)
* *Requires FlowCom™ Digital Air Flow Measurement system
* *Requires Port Flow Analyzer Pro Software


Orifice Calibration Plates
SuperFlow offers a full set of 18 orifice calibration plates. These plates are NIST traceable and they are ideal for ISO or quality certifications.



Briggs Head Adapter


Motorcycle and Small Engine Test Fixtures

SuperFlow offers a wide range of flowbench adapters for motorcycles, go-kart's and other small engines. Applications include Harley Davidson, import motorcycles and Briggs and Stratton. Contact a SuperFlow sales engineer today for more information.

Briggs Test Kit

Carburetor Test Fixtures

SuperFlow offers carburetor test fixtures for many different applications. Sliding plates allow you to test individual venturis or up to 4 in combination. Contact a SuperFlow sales engineer for information on what we have available for your needs.

Swirl Meter
The Swirl Meter by Performance Trends accurately measures the motion of the incoming fuel/air charge. It features a three position switch to select update speed, averages and minimum and maximum values for a given period of time. Its low flow restriction design saves you time because it measures swirl at the same time as intake flow. The swirl meter’s rugged aluminum and stainless steel design hold up to the toughest shop environments while two 20,000 rpm, low friction bearings provide accurate and repeatable readings. The easy-to-read digital readout has a range of -9,999 - 9,999 rpm with a resolution of 1 rpm (negative readings represent counterclockwise swirl). Contact a SuperFlow sales engineer today to learn more about swirl testing on your SuperFlow flowbench.
  • Fits any standard SuperFlow flowbench
  • Can be integrated with FlowCom™ Digital Airflow Measurement system

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