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High-performance Motorcycle, ATV and Kart Dynamometer

The SuperFlow CycleDyn motorcycle chassis dyno is used worldwide by motorcycle dealerships, educational institutions, and professional race teams to test motorcycles, karts, ATVs (quads), and similar vehicles within a safe, controlled environment. It is rated for 750+ hp (inertia), 500+ hp (eddy-current) and 200mph. The CycleDyn utilizes an ALL NEW netbook controller that makes it very easy to use. With the new controller, users can run the motorcycle dyno and the tuning software of their choice simultaneously. The CycleDyn is available as inertia only, with eddy-current load, or with eddy-current load and an AC motor. Loaded models also perform inertia only runs, giving users the capabilities of two dynos in one unit.

Because it is manufactured by SuperFlow, the CycleDyn delivers on both price and quality. This motorcycle dyno is not constructed with a cheap angle iron frame wrapped in thin sheet metal. Instead, we use sturdy steel plates and weld them at the seams to create a strong, vibration resistant enclosure. The CycleDyn comes standard with a motorized front wheel restraint that accepts motorcycles with wheelbases from 48”- 72” (122 – 183cm) and an air-actuated front wheel clamp. It also comes standard with a temperature compensated load cell (eddy-current models) for precise torque measurement during loaded testing. Also standard is a complete data acquisition and control system that includes with our industry leading WinDyn software. With all these features standard, the only thing that should surprise you about the CycleDyn is the price: SuperFlow quality and eddy-current load are now available for only $19,950. So, whether you want to add a profit center to your business, justify customer purchases, or increase the on-track performance of your race motorcycles, the CycleDyn high-performance motorcycle chassis dynamometer can handle it.

Typical applications include:

  • Racing
  • Performance testing and tuning
  • Research and Development
  • Diagnostics
  • Durability and quality control
  • Emissions and fuel consumption testing
  • Education
  • Vehicle certification


Use the CycleDyn to:

  • Test safely in a controlled environment
  • Justify customer accessory purchases with dyno-proven performance gains
  • Locate and troubleshoot engine and driveline problems and verify that the problems were corrected
  • Use CycleDyn test income to add a profit center to your business
  • Use the handheld remote control for all phases of setup and testing while seated on the bike
  • Collect volumes of data with the roll-around sensor stand's inputs for temperatures, pressures, air flow and fuel flow
  • Prevent tire damage with the large 20" diameter, diamond-knurled roll which minimizes heat losses induced by tire deflection and enhances dynamometer repeatability



  • Inertia values
    • Standard roll ............................................. 280 lbs (128 Kg)
    • Heavy roll .................................................. 450 lbs (205 Kg)
    • Eddy current absorber effective inertia ......... 43 lbs (20 Kg)
  • Rear-wheel power rating
    • Inertia (traction limited)........................................................ 750 hp (555 kW)
    • Eddy-current-absorber.......................... 500 hp @ 80 mph (370 kW @ 130 Kph)
Maximum roll speed ................................ 200 mph (320 Kph)
Maximum axle load ................................... 1,000 lbs (455 Kg)
  • Tracks with Secondary roll module
    • Roll min/max. tracking width .............. 16"-64" (44-163 cm)
    • Roll min/max. tracking width
      (with EC module between rolls) .... 49"-97" (124-246 cm)
  • Power requirements
    • Inertia dyno only ... 120 VAC, 15 amps or 240 VAC, 8 amps
    • EC dyno option ...................................... 240 VAC, 30 amps
  • Dimensions
    • Base dyno ........ 85" L x 36" W x 20.5" H (216 x 91 x 52 cm)
    • Primary roll ............... 20" diameter x 16" wide (51 x 41 cm)
    • Secondary roll ........... 20" diameter x 32" wide (51 x 81 cm)
    • Sensor box on rolling stand ............... 24" L x 24" W x 52" H   (61 x 61 x 132 cm)
    • Eddy current module.................. 33" L x 22.75" W x 21.5" H    (79 x 58 x 55 cm)
    • Secondary 32" roll module ....... 44" L x 22.75" W x 20.25" H  (112 x 58 x 51 cm)
  • Weights (approximate)
    • Base dyno with standard inertia roll ...... 1,200 lbs (546 Kg)
      (with heavy inertia roll) ........................ 1,500 lbs (682 Kg)
    • Second 28” roll module ............................ 425 lbs (194 Kg)
    • Eddy current module ................................. 600 lbs (273 Kg)
    • Sensor box on rolling stand .......................... 35 lbs (16 Kg)



Above Ground Ramp Kit
SuperFlow offers lightweight aluminum ramp kits for the AutoDyn 11 and AutoDyn 30 chassis dynos. Kits include heavy-duty aluminum ramps and extended platforms that support the vehicle during testing. Because they are light-weight these ramps work great for portable dyno applications and they are easy to move in and out of place.

Ramps are perfect if you are unable to install your SuperFlow chassis dyno in a pit or when shop space is limited because they stack neatly out of the way when not in use. Contact a SuperFlow Sales Engineer today to get the correct ramp kit for your chassis dynamometer.

4-post Hoists
SuperFlow offers several different 4-post hoists to fit any needs and budget. Models are available with a walking platform, safety rails and access ladders to make working on vehicles easy and safe. SuperFlow also offers an economy hoist that does not include the extra features listed above, but still works great for loading vehicles on and off your chassis dyno quickly and easily.

All lifts come with tie-down anchor points at the front and rear of the platform to secure vehicles for testing. 4-post hoists let you make performance upgrades anywhere on the vehicle without having to move it from the dyno. Additional benefits include oil changes, performance upgrades, brakes, tire rotations, etc.

Contact a SuperFlow Sales Engineer today to learn more about 4-post hoists as well as other options for above ground installation of your SuperFlow chassis dyno.

AutoDyn Tie Down Strap Kit
Standard tie-down strap kits include (4), 2in. by 15ft. heavy duty straps with ratchets and (2), 2in. by 4ft. web-sling straps with eyelet to eyelet ends. Cored in-floor anchors are available separately.

In-Floor Anchors
In-Floor AnchorsSuperFlow offers in-floor, compression style anchors to outfit your shop with convenient, yet out of the way tie down points. The 3.5in. anchors feature a chain receiver that allows you to quickly attach the tie down chain or remove it when not in use. The anchors have a 10,000 lb. (4,536kg) horizontal rating and a 500 lb. (227 kg) vertical rating. A cover plate is included to fill the receiver hole when the anchors are not being used.

*Chain is not included because each installation varies

Optical Wheel Tachometer
SuperFlow’s optical wheel tachometer reads wheel speed using an infrared beam and reflective tape. It features a magnetic base for secure mounting to any AutoDyn frame. The optical tach is non-contact and works in many applications where inductive pickups may not. Contact a SuperFlow Sales Engineer today for more information on all of the options available for SuperFlow chassis dynamometers.

Inductive Spark Pick-Up Assembly
SuperFlow’s Inductive Spark Pick-Up Assembly features a rugged housing that protects the device from tough shop environments and allows it to provide years of service. With user-adjustable sensitivity you’re able to dial in the device exactly how you want it.

The spark pick-up includes one inductive clip. For wasted spark ignition systems a second clip can be added. Contact SuperFlow today for more information on this and other options to get the most out of your SuperFlow chassis dyno.

Pressure Sensor Expansion Kits
The SuperFlow sensor box is easily upgradeable at any time. Several pressure sensor expansion kits are available that provide up to 10 additional pressures per expansion panel for fluid or gas pressures. Monitor oil, manifold, fuel system, air inlet, exhaust and auxiliary pressures. View all of the data live in our WinDyn software and also save it for easy post test graphing and analysis.
  • Ranges
    • Oil Pressure 150 psi
    • Manifold Pressure: 200 in Hg
    • Fuel Pressure: 150 psi
    • Air Inlet Pressure ± 140 in. Hg
    • Exhaust Pressure: ± 140 in. H2O
    • Auxiliary Pressures also available
      • Metal transducers (for hydrocarbon pressures)
        • 0-150 psi
        • 0-300 psi
      • PCB-mount transducers (for non-hydrocarbon pressures)
        • 0-5 psi
        • 0-150 psi
        • 0-150 psi
      • Differential pressure transducers
        • ± 5 psi
        • ± 30 psi
        • ± 100 psi
        • Different ranges can be set by the factory
    • Remote systems available for high pressures
      • Ranges
        • 0-150 psi
        • 0-300 psi
        • 0-2,000 psi
        • *Requires Analog Input Expansion Panel

Temperature Sensor Expansion Kits
Expand your sensor box with a 16-channel thermocouple panel for Type K, Type J or Type T thermocouples. Monitor oil and water temperatures live in our WinDyn software then save the data for easy post test graphing and analysis. Monitoring temperatures is critical to accurate and repeatable testing so SuperFlow offers several kits to suit any needs and budget. Panels accept pole or spade thermocouple plug ends. Contact SuperFlow today for more information on Temperature Expansion Panels for your SuperFlow chassis dynamometer.

Oil Dipstick Temperature Probe
Oil Dip Stick sensorSuperFlow's oil dipstick temperature probe plugs directly into the temperature expansion panel so you can get accurate oil temperature readings with every test. It includes a 10in. extension cable and features a temperature range of -67° F to 1,200° F (-55° C to 704° C). It is also available with an analog output to plug directly into the interconnect panel or analog panel. This version has a temperature range of -67° F to 257° F (-55° C to 125° C).

Analog Input Expansion Panel
SuperFlow offers 8-channel analog voltage input panels so customers can easily integrate data from exhaust gas analyzers, lambda sensors, O2 sensors, and other emissions monitoring equipment with our WinDyn software. You can then monitor the data live during each test, and also save it for post test graphing and analysis to see the data graphed over the entire run. The panels can be configured with any combination of the following ranges:
  • 0-1 V
  • 0-5 V
  • 0-10 V
  • 0-20 V
  • 0-30 V

Battery Voltage Input Cable
SuperFlow’s Battery Voltage Input Cable allows you to monitor battery voltage live in our WinDyn software with the 0-20 VDC input. *Requires analog input expansion panel.

Air Flow Measurement Turbines
SuperFlow offers 4in. (10.2cm), 6in. (15.2cm), and 9in. (22.9 cm), air flow measurement turbines. They are available on their own or in a kit that includes a ceiling adapter, flexible hose and carburetor adapter. The turbines have CFM ranges as follows:
  • 4in: 4 – 150 CFM (2 – 70 lps)
  • 6in: 10 – 800 CFM (5 – 380 lps)
  • 9in: 20 – 1,200 CFM (9 – 560 lps)
Adapters are available to adapt the 9” (22.9cm) air turbine to Holley and Dominator carburetors.



Fuel Flow Measurement Turbines
SuperFlow fuel turbines come in three different ranges:
  • Low flow: 0.3 – 30 GPH (1.13 – 113 l/h)
  • Standard flow: 6 – 60 GPH (22.7 – 227 l/h)
  • High flow: 28 – 140 GPH (106 – 530 l/h)



OBD-II Interface Module
ODB-II Interface ModuleWith SuperFlow’s OBD-II Interface Module you can easily monitor and record any OBD-II data that the ECM makes available directly in our WinDyn dynamometer software. The device plugs directly into the OBD-II port and automatically shows you the available PIDs for that vehicle. You can then quickly configure the system to display the channels that you want to monitor live on custom, user-defined WinDyn screens. With SuperFlow’s high speed data acquisition you can close-loop control to OBD-II channels and save any of them you want for post test analysis and graphing.

With the OBD-II Interface Module you’re also able to read Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC’s) and clear them once they are resolved. Contact a SuperFlow Sales Engineer today for more information on the OBD-II Interface Module for your SuperFlow chassis dyno.

Air/Fuel Sensor Packages
Air/Fuel SensorSuperFlow offers several lambda packages for measuring air/fuel ratios. These packages integrate with our WinDyn dynamometer software for live monitoring and easy post test graphing and analysis. Contact a SuperFlow Sales Engineer today to learn more about the available options so you can get the most out of your SuperFlow chassis dyno.

Tailpipe Air/Fuel Probes
Tailpipe Air Fuel ProbesWith SuperFlow exhaust probes you can measure air/fuel data directly from the tailpipe. Tailpipe probes integrate with our WinDyn dynamometer software for live monitoring and easy post test graphing and analysis. Contact a SuperFlow Sales Engineer today to learn more about the available exhaust probes for your chassis dynamometer.

Diesel Exhaust Opacity Meter
6500 Smoke AnalyzerSuperFlow’s Diesel Exhaust Opacity Meter measures the opacity of visible smoke coming from the exhaust. It’s rugged and portable design provides years of easy use. Contact SuperFlow today for more information on this and all the available options for your SuperFlow chassis dyno.

Volumetric Blow-by Sensors
Blow-by SensorSuperFlow’s blow-by sensors measures the volumetric flow of crankcase blow-by. Two sizes are available: 0.4 to 16 ACFM and .25 to 10 ACFM. Users have the option to choose either an analog or frequency output. Contact a SuperFlow Sales Engineer today for more information.

Driver’s Trace Software
Driver's Trace SoftwareSuperFlow’s Driver’s Trace Software integrates seamlessly with your SuperFlow chassis dynamometer and allows drivers to follow a real-time moving driver’s trace on it’s easy-to-read display. It can run any .csv based drive cycle and it is easy to configure. Special operations like shift points or display messages for the driver can be included in the trace so each test is accurate and repeatable. Contact a SuperFlow Sales Engineer today for more information on our Drivers Trace Software for you chassis dynamometer.

*Requires WinDyn 2.7 or higher.

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