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SF-2700 Diesel Dynamometer

Use the SuperFlow SF-2700 Diesel Engine Dynamometer to measure the power characteristics of your engines. The SF-2700 not only measures your power, but it also shows where the power is in the speed range.

Evaluate research and development efforts by measuring modifications one at a time, and then as a complete system. Perform quality audits at engine production facilities, and catch problems before engines are installed in vehicles-saving you time and money by reducing costly comebacks.

Whatever the engine's purpose, you can use the SF-2700 to ensure that the engine performs as it should. The SF-2700 is designed for professionals who require accuracy, repeatability, and speed. The low-inertia water brake absorber allows you to see the smallest improvements.

SuperFlow customers report repeatability within two-tenths of one percent on identical systems in different test cells. SuperFlow helps engine builders achieve this level of repeatability without sacrificing time through precise control of all engine temperatures and pressures, fully automated test cycles, and WinDynT ProFilter Technology.

The SF-2700 can perform automated tests to ensure consistent results and help eliminate operator-induced variances. Available tests include break-in, acceleration, deceleration, steady-state, step, life cycle, and custom user-defined tests. Automated load and electronic throttle control make for repeatable testing and free you up to monitor live test data. Built-in safety limits protect the engine.



2 x 42" rolls, 22" wide
84" outer, 40" inner
Inertia only

2WD Large Roll

AWD Large Roll


  • Low-inertia water brake absorber
    • Peak 2,500 hp at 6,000 rpm
    • Peak 2,500 lb.ft of torque at 1,500 rpm
  • Max Speed: 8,000 rpm
  • Unidirectional
  • High-resolution outlet valve control ensures accuracy and repeatability
  • Deep-groove ball trunnion bearings
  • High-accuracy strain gauge load cell
  • Precise and responsive closed-loop control system
  • Precision-balanced, high-rigidity shaft assembly
  • Grease lubricated shaft bearings


  • Calibration equipment
  • Water outlet thermocouple
  • Driveshaft and protective guard
  • Temperature-controlled oil and coolant systems


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