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NSCR Engine Dyno
Engineering-grade Docking Dynamometer

Perform extremely repeatable, automated engine tests with rapid testing throughput and precision oil and coolant management.

SuperFlow's NSCR test system has been selected by the world's top racing organizations as the standard for testing their production engines. Users report reduced engine test and installation time, and a test series repeatability envelope as good as 0.2% at maximum power.

The XConsole controls all aspects of the automated test, and eliminates many sources of test-to-test variability. Coolant and oil temperatures can be computer controlled for optimum test repeatability. The engine can be automatically filled with pre-heated water, and automatically drained at the end of the test.

The NSCR XConsole System automates your testing for more consistent results with less operator interaction. Automated load and electronic throttle control help provide repeatable test sequences and free the operator to monitor live test data. SuperFlow's automated tests support one-button testing. Start the engine, warm it up, run the test series, bring it back to idle, and shut it off. All data will be automatically recorded, saved, and displayed in overlay-graphs on the computer. Built-in Safety Limits help protect the engine from harm.

The NSCR system's WinDyn software provides quick and easy test design and configuration, real-time data acquisition and display, and convenient test-data management, display and reporting.

Changes in coolant and oil temperatures can add or subtract horsepower from a dyno pull on identical engines under otherwise identical conditions.

SuperFlow's oil and coolant temperature control systems hold these temperatures to �3� F (�1.7�C) to help keep your tests VERY repeatable. These systems also help you mimic conditions that you would expect on the track and keep them that way, to provide a more realistic testing scenario. Finally, these systems allow you to preheat the block with hot water for shorter warm-up periods and to drain the system once the test series is complete for faster engine test changes.

Recommended Options:

  • Automated Temperature Controller Panel and Drivers
  • 4000P-6032 Dyno Start package



  • Two (2) XCart docking engine carts with removable drip tray and drain plug
  • Floor mount docking cart alignment base
  • SF-871 heavy-duty water brake absorber, 2,500 HP (1864 kW) rated capacity, outlet controlled, low-inertia, with 4-bolt servo valve
  • Interface load cell, 1000 lb.-ft. (1356 N-m) capacity, temperature compensated (2,000 lb-ft. optional)
  • Rotary electric throttle actuator system
  • Engine Control Panel (starter, ignition, fuel pump controls with autoresetting fuse protection, LED's indicate on, or tripped relay status)
  • Your choice of input shaft: 1.125" x 10-tooth spline, 1.375" x 10-tooth spline
  • High performance fuel pump, two fuel regulators, 0-800 lb/hr (100 g/s)
  • Convenient rail support system for integrated plumbing and cable routing
  • Oil and Coolant heat exchangers, racing oil filter, oil and coolant flow turbines, pre-plumbed. Two thermocouples for temperature monitoring. Cooling system has air bleed bubble tower, quick disconnect lines, and quick fill provisions. Can be used with optional computerized temperature controls for automated control from console.


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