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Van Norman FG5000 Flywheel Grinder


The FG5000 Flywheel Grinders - ideal for machine shops, heavy duty rebuilders, fleet shops and heavy duty truck shops.  The FG5000 will grind flywheels up to 24" (609.6mm) in diameter. FG series machines are engineered to offer decades of trouble-free service.

  • Optional Power Column and Power Feed available

  • Direct drive turntable offers years of trouble-free service

  • Zero deflection table design insures flat flywheels

  • 480 lbs (218.1kg) base casting




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FG5000 Flywheel Grinders

Van Norman Flywheel Grinders are the industry leaders and provide the best return on your investment. That's more profit!

The FG5000 Flywheel Grinder is a solid, well-built machine designed for grinding a variety of flywheels. One of the most versatile grinders on the market today, the FG5000 Flywheel Grinder resurfaces automotive and import stepped flywheels,  truck flat flywheels, heavy duty truck stepped flywheels center plates, and racing clutch components. You can also grind automatic transmission pumps and covers with the optional ATP5000 Kit.

Fast, simple, accurate set-up - IN LESS THAN ONE MINUTE!

1 - Select the flange adapter and place it on the rotary table
2 - Position the flywheel on the adapter
3 - Install the Centering cone and hold down the bolt, then tighten

AS SIMPLE AS ONE - TWO - THREE! That's the entire set-up. The flywheel sits on a precision ground flange adapter ring assuring its position parallel to the crankshaft flange. No indicating. No guessing. No scratch test.



The FG5000 Flywheel Grinder takes work pieces up to 24". With a table diameter of 18" and six (6) slots in the table, you have the stability and versatility for a full range of work. The table support diameter is 15" and the column diameter is 4.44". The vertical head travel of the column is 8.75" with the maximum height of the table to wheel of 8.75". A strong, 5 horsepower grinding motor at 3,500 revolutions per minute and a 1/4 horsepower table motor at 16 revolutions per minute mean the FG5000 Flywheel Grinder is designed to do the job right.

The standard machine is available in 208 or 230 volts and either single or three phase. Additional voltages are also available as special order. In addition, the FG5000 can be ordered with an optional PowerHead (power column) or with the PowerHead (power column) and AutoGrindTM option. The PowerHead (power column) relieves the operator of the manual movement of the head up and down. The PowerHead (power column) with the AutoGrindTM feature powers the head up and down and can be set to automatically grind the flywheel to a pre-set depth.



The FG5000 Flywheel Grinder features include:

  1. An exclusive, rugged base casting with cast-in table support. This means the table and support are all one piece solid cast material. More durability, more reliability.
  2. Unlimited grinding pressure is possible without table deflection. Again, this means you can work the machine and it will give you the results you need.
  3. There is and oil reservoir with an 'Optomatic oiler' that provides constant lubrication to the column and table support.
  4. There are no thrust bearings or anti-friction materials that would require field service.
  5. The direct table drive means there are no chains or belts to adjust or replace. You receive consistent torque on the table.
  6. The double cam head swivel lock gives you positive head lock and is lubricated for ease in swiveling.
  7. The optional AutoGrindTM is easy to set, easy to use and increases productivity. Best yet, it is reliable.

The benefits of owning and using a Van Norman FG5000 Flywheel Grinder:

  1. You can grind your own flywheels. You finish the job fast and keep all the profits.
  2. You can take in flywheel grinding business and increase your profits.
  3. Set up is fast. And it's accurate.
  4. You can grind most automotive and light truck flywheels - floor to floor - in 5-10 minutes. Heavy duty, stepped flywheels may take longer, but still profitable.
  5. The FG5000 Flywheel Grinder is economical in its' cost and requires minimal shop space. It is built to last, costs a few dollars per day to own and can result in stronger profits.
  6. You can keep labor costs low. A skilled machinist is not required to operate the FG5000 Flywheel Grinder. It is the easiest machine to operate in your shop.
  7. Operating supplies are minimal in cost.


The unique design of the FG5000 Flywheel Grinder ensures its longevity and makes it easy to use.

There is a rugged cast bearing to support the 18" table with oil reservoir and oil film. The table rotates on the cast bearing support that prevents any deflection regardless of the flywheel size and weight or the grinding pressure.

The oil level is set 1/16" above the table bearing support for constant lubrication and is maintained at all times by the unique 'Optomatic' constant oiler.

There is absolutely no downward or sideways pressure on the turntable spindle or turntable spindle bearings, they merely drive and guide the table. (If the table was only supported by the spindle and spindle bearings, they would be 'wiped out' by the downward pressure exerted during grinding).

All this allows you to grind within closer tolerances.

Plunge Grind Fast & Accurately!

Hard spots and heat checks are not a problem. The entire friction surface is ground simultaneously, assuring fast, accurate results every time. Plunge grinding produces a 'swirl' finish and the operator has total control over the surface finish.  The longer the sparkout, the smoother the finish.

Heavy Duty Construction for better results and longer machine life.

The FG5000 Flywheel Grinder has a 4.44" diameter column that is chromed and precision ground. It is constantly lubricated by a felt wick installed within the column mounting flange. The column is totally protected from grinding debris and coolant by a rubber boot.

The 1.250" lead screw on the Van Norman Flywheel Grinders is the largest on any flywheel grinder. The heavy duty bronze lead screw nut is adjustable to take up any 'play' that may occur throughout the life of the machine.

The grinding head assembly is set at the factory with a .023" rear tilt of the grinding wheel and the side-to-side setting is set at .000" for the fastest grinding and the best surface finish. The head tilt can be set flatter for even greater grinding precision.

The coolant shroud has a removable cap to install the optional Shop Vac adapter. Using a vacuum cleaner with the FG5000 Flywheel Grinder will reduce the mist and grinding debris in the shop.

The Van Norman FG5000 Flywheel Grinder is built SOLID for RUGGED STRENGTH, PRECISION and RELIABILITY.

One-piece, 480 pound base casting. The base casting is the heaviest and most rugged in the industry. The cast-in column mounting flange is supported by heavy gussets and all the machining of the base casting is done with one set-up for maximum accuracy and perfect perpendicularity.

The column mounting flange is cast integrally for more strength, stability and perfect alignment. It has an increased diameter to properly support the massive column and the column is constantly lubricated by an internal wick.

Van Norman's exclusive direct drive gear reduction unit is a rugged, industrial design. The heavy duty 1/4 horse power motor delivers consistent torque to the table. It requires NO maintenance because it has no chains or belts to lubricate, adjust or replace.

The exclusive cast-in table support means NO DEFLECTION - EVER!  The 94 square inch table bearing support has a cast-in oil reservoir and is designed to prevent table deflection for faster, more accurate grinding and a superior finish.

Control panels are easy to use, easy to reach and simple to understand.

One of the most versatile grinders on the market today, the FG5000 Flywheel Grinder grinds automotive and import stepped flywheels, truck flat flywheels and heavy duty truck stepped flywheels, center plates and racing clutch components. You can also grind automatic transmission pump and covers with the optional ATP5000 Kit.




Consider some of the optional accessories to further extend the capabilities of your FG5000 Flywheel Grinder.

You can own a 32 gallon coolant tank that positions next to the FG5000. It has 3-1/2 times the capacity of the standard tank (9.5 gallons), with two baffles and three settling compartments - assuring clean coolant flow to the nozzle. The tank has a handle and two wheels so it can be rolled away for easy disposal.

The optional radius cutter quickly removes the slight radius left by the grinding wheel on stepped flywheels. In certain applications, the radius interferes with pressure plate mounting. The rugged boring bar removes the radius and produces a square corner. This heavy duty assembly bolts to the grinding head casting in holes that are already drilled and tapped.



Consider the ATP5000 Kit for automatic transmission pump and cover rebuilding. The ATP5000 lets you rebuild parts to close tolerances FAST. With this kit and the FG5000 Flywheel Grinder, you can grind bodies and covers from the GM THM700-4R and the THM200-R4 transmissions. The tooling is precise, yet easy to use. Save time and money by rebuilding these parts in house.

Final Details....

The overall height of the FG5000 Flywheel Grinder is 69" with the height to the table at 34.6". The width is 34.5" and the front-to-back measures 36". The weight of the machine is 1,350 pounds. Packaged for shipping, the weight is 1,500 pounds.

The FG5000 Flywheel Grinder from Van Norman comes standard with 3 centering cone bolts, 6 centering cones, 4 flange adapters (3" to 5.875"), 4 wheel mounting bolds, wheel spacer, 4" & 6" wheel mounting flange 3 grinding wheels star dresser, coolant pump with additive, table lubricant, leveling bolts and pads, wrenches and more.

Van Norman Flywheel Grinders are manufactured from the ground up by American craftsmen in a 100,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Marion, Iowa.

[Download / View Top Fuel & Funny Car Clutch Kit Instructions]

For more information on the Van Norman FG5000 Flywheel Grinder,

 download the literature or call 60-3-7785 1255.



Van Norman remains the industry leader in Flywheel Grinders.

Dollar for dollar, the best investment you can make.


Grinding Capacity 24" (600mm)   Standard Accessories:  
Height Capacity 8.75" (222.3mm)   Centering Cone, 1.312x2.00 (33.30x50.80mm) 794-8010-74
Table Diameter 18" (450mm)   Centering Cone, 1.75x2.50 (44.50x63.50mm) 794-8010-76
Grinder Head Motor (3450rpm) 5hp (3.5kw)   Centering Cone, 2.00x2.625 (50.80x66.70mm) 794-8017-93
Coolant Pump Motor (60gph) 1/8hp   Centering Cone, 2.25x3.00 (57.20x76.20mm) 794-8010-78
Rotating Table Motor 1/4hp (.177kw)   Centering Cone, 2.75x3.50 (69.90x88.90mm) 794-8010-80
Coolant Capacity 9.5 gal (36L)   Centering Cone, 1.00x1.75 (25.40x44.50mm) 794-8010-72
Coolant Capacity (optional) 32 gal 121L)   Centering Cone Bolt 1.875" (47.60mm) 794-8010-64
Overall Height 69" (1752.6mm)   Centering Cone Bolt 2.375" (87.80mm) 794-8010-65
Height to Table 34.6" (878mm)   Centering Cone Bolt 3.375" (87.80mm) 794-8010-66
Overall Depth 36" (914.4mm)   Flange Adapter 3.00 (76.20mm) 794-8010-90
Overall Width 34.5" (876mm)   Flange Adapter 4.00 (101.6mm) 794-8010-92
Shipping Weight 1500 lbs (681.6kg)   Flange Adapter 5.00 (127.0mm) 794-8010-94
      Flange Adapter 5.875 (149.2mm) 794-8010-97
Ordering Information:     Wheel Spacer 1.50" (38.10mm) 794-8124-71

FG5000 Flywheel Grinder (208/230V-60Hz-3Ph)


  Grinding Wheel 4.00" (101.6mm) Flared Cup 794-8011-28

FG5000 Flywheel Grinder (208/230V-60Hz-1Ph)


  Grinding Wheel 6.00 (152.4mm) Flared Cup 794-8011-30

FG5000 with Powerhead



  Grinding Wheel 6.00 (152.4mm) Flared Cup 794-8011-12

FG5000 with Powerhead



  4.00" & 6.00" Wheel Mounting Flange 794-8011-88

FG5000 w/Powerhead & AutoGrindô (208/230V-60Hz-3Ph)


  Wheel Mounting Bolt, 2.75" (69.35mm) 794-8016-45

FG5000 w/Powerhead & AutoGrindô (208/230V-60Hz-1Ph)


  Wheel Mounting Bolt, 2.50" (63.5mm) 794-8020-81

Other Voltages available


  Wheel Mounting Bolt, 1.25" (31.75MM) 794-8015-99

Optional Accessories:


  Wheel Mounting Bolt, 1.00" (25.4mm) 794-8016-10

Round Flywheel Mount - Top Fuel


  E-Z Lock Insert (2 included) 794-8017-44

VW /Universal Flywheel Kit


  E-Z Lock Insert Extractor 794-8637-45

Dowel Pin Puller Kit


  O-Ring 794-8013-12

Radius Cutter Assembly


  Oil Level Gauge 794-8013-73

Rinse Nozzle Kit


  Star Dresser 794-8011-70

Step Comparator


  Lead screw Lubricant 794-8011-52

Dial Indicator/Indicator Bar Set


  Coolant Pump 794-8621-76
Head Tilt Setting Kit 794-8685-32   Coolant Additive, 1 Qt (.946L) 794-8011-40
Diamond Dresser Arm with Diamond 794-8689-53   Table Lubricant, 1 Qt (.946L) 794-8011-55
Shop Vac Adapter Assembly 794-8685-54   Leveling Pads (4 included) 794-8030-58
Loadmeter for 3 phase 794-8692-75   Leveling Bolts (4 included) 794-8033-21
Loadmeter for 1 phase 794-8692-77   Leveling Lock Nuts (4 included) 794-8030-25
ATP5000 Automatic Transmission Kit 794-8633-33   T-Handle Hex Wrench 794-8017-32
Small Bore Centering Cone Set 794-8107-90   Wrench Set 794-8017-37
Heavy Duty Universal Centering Cone & Spacer Kit 794-8107-88      
Heavy Duty Centering Adapter Set 794-8680-18   Grinding Wheels & Supplies:  
0-4" Depth Micrometer 794-8684-77   Grinding Wheel - 6" Flared Cup 794-8011-12
Clutch Tooling 794-8010-40   Grinding Wheel - 6" Flared Cup 794-8011-16
32 Gallon External Coolant Tank with Baffles (230V-60Hz-1Ph) 794-8688-34   Grinding Wheel - 4" Flared Cup 794-8011-28
ATP Automatic Transmission Rebuilding Kit 794-8633-33   Grinding Wheel - 6" Flared Cup 794-8011-30
Hold-Down Tooling for Floater Plates 794-8684-93   Grinding Wheel  - 6" Straight Sided 794-8011-32
Coolant System 794-8687-20   Grinding Wheel - 6" Flared Cup 794-8011-34
RACING Tooling Package 794-8687-04   Grinding Wheel - 6" Straight Sided 794-8011-36
      Grinding Wheel - 4" Flared Cup 794-8633-32
      Grinding Wheel - 3" Flared Cup * 794-8687-01
      * Requires 3" Mounting Flange 794-8686-97
      E-Z Lok Insert 794-8017-44
      Star Dresser 794-8011-70
      Leadscrew Lubricant 794-8011-52
      Coolant Additive, 1 Qt. 794-8011-40
      Coolant Additive, 1 Gal. 794-8011-41
      Coolant Additive, 5 Gal. 794-8011-42
      Table Lubricant, 1 Qt. 794-8011-55
Van Norman Flywheel Grinders are manufactured EXCLUSIVELY by Kwik-Way. 



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