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Kwik-Way FWII Boring Bar

Cylinder Boring Bars

For Automotive, Light Truck, Motorcycle,

Marine & Small Engine Applications

The Model FWII Boring Bar has two feed and speed combinations and is well suited for use in today's down-sized engines.  This bar can bore directly from the deck of the engine block or be used on an engine boring fixture.

  • Bore capacity of 2.2" to 4.44" (56-113mm)

  • Three finger centering for maximum accuracy

  • Quick, positive anchoring

  • Exclusive 3 year limited warranty


Kwik-Way FW Portable Boring Bar

  • Great for compact, sub-compact and import passenger cars and light trucks

  • Two speeds provide necessary speed/feed range

  • Bore directly off the deck of the block or use on either the 1291 Small Engine or 054 HD Boring Fixture

  • Standard accessories and handy storage case


Positive Anchoring with Uniform Clamping

  • The built-in clamping device quickly and positively clamps the machine to the block or table, exerting an even, uniform, downward pressure over the entire base surface without disturbing accuracy of centering or distorting the block.

Tool Dressing

  • Tool dressing is quickly accomplished by jigs that hold the boring tool in proper position for each dressing operation. The lapping jig is guided by a special post.


Three-Finger Centering

  • Permits machine to be accurately centered where the greatest cylinder wear has occurred. Three steel ‘fingers’ are actuated by a wheel-operated plunger or by air pressure.


Special Micrometer for Tool Setting

  • Direct reading with easy-to-read graduations on both barrel and thimble. Boring tool is set to size directly in the boring head, eliminating ‘sense of feel’ variations in tool setting.


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  Specifications:     Standard Accessories:  
  Bore Capacity

2.2" to 4.44"

(56 to 113mm)

  1/8" Hex Key 000-0600-54
  Stroke 12" (305mm)   5/32" Hex Key 000-0600-62
  Speeds 2   3/16" Hex Key 000-0600-70
  Motor 1/2 hp   5/16" Hex Key 000-0600-20
  Overall Height 35" (889mm)   Centering Screw, Medium (3) 062-0456-04
  Overall Depth 15-1/2" (393mm)   Centering Screw, Long (3) 055-0457-47
  Overall Width 11" (279mm)   Carrying Case 057-0500-04
  Shipping Weight 197 lbs (89.5kg)   Micrometer Assembly, Wide Face  
        Tool Holder Assembly, Roughing, Short 057-1025-19
  Ordering Information:     Tool Holder Assembly, Roughing 057-1021-10

FWII Standard Boring Bar


057-0010-03   Stop Rod Assembly 057-0175-03

FWII Standard Boring Bar


057-0010-20   Centering Finger #1 (set of 3) .920" Long 063-0360-56

FWII Standard Boring Bar, Metric


057-0010-11   Centering Finger #2 (set of 3) 1.057" Long 063-0360-72

FWII Standard Boring Bar


057-0010-62   Centering Finger #3 (set of 3) 1.240" Long 063-0361-53

FWII Standard Boring Bar, Metric


057-0010-70   Centering Finger #4 (set of 3) 1.400" Long 063-0362-50
        Centering Finger #5 (set of 3) 1.5660 Long 063-0363-58
  Optional Accessories:     Centering Finger #6 (set of 3) 1.720" Long 063-0364-55
  054 Heavy Duty Boring Bar Fixture 054-0000-35   Centering Finger #7 (set of 3) 1.880" Long 063-0366-50
  Block Lifting Fixture 054-0600-00   Lapping Fixture Assembly 062-0540-18
  054 Engine Dolly 054-0200-00   Lapping Fixture Assembly, Roughing 062-0555-10
  OMC 60 Deg. Adapter Plate 054-1300-00   Basic Anchor Assembly 057-0450-51
  1291 Small Engine Boring Bar Fixture 057-1291-07   Extension Rod Assembly 055-0471-11
  Optional Small V-Block Mounting Kit 054-0300-00   Anchor Gauge 062-0459-49
        Anchor Clamp Assembly #0 057-0460-23
        Anchor Clamp Assembly #1 055-0481-23
  Formula I Carbide Boring Tools:     Anchor Clamp Assembly #2 055-0462-20
  Single Pass-Rough Cut 062-1071-50   Anchor Clamp Assembly #3 055-0463-28

Counter bore

- cut off sleeves, counter bore blocks

062-1074-50   #704 Armstrong Engineers Wrench 000-8800-27

45 Degree Offset

- for blind holes in manual center bars

062-1251-50   3/8" Diamond Round Bristle Brush 000-8900-22
        Green Touch-Up Paint 000-9602-31
        Diamond Lapping Oil, 1oz 002-0023-45


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