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SVS II Deluxe Valve Refacer

Precision, Performance and Profits... The results you can expect from KWIK-WAY's continuing efforts to bring you the very best valve refacer available. The Deluxe control panel places important features at your fingertips - valve counter, chuck speed control, separate switch positions for spindle and chuck motors, valve speed chart, and machine maintenance chart. Backed by our exclusive 3 year limited warranty.

  • KWIK-WAY's precision 6-ball chuck for fast, accurate centering of your valves - no collets to change
  • Standard 4mm to 14.3mm chuck capacity
  • Variable speed chuck to match the proper speed needed to grind today's variety of valve materials
  • Rocker arm grinding attachment included
  • .0005 accuracy for standard chuck
  • .0002 accuracy for high-performance chuck - The Industry's Best

Kwik-Way SVS II Deluxe Valve Refacer


Frustrating the Competition for 85 Years

Many have tried;  Some have come close

But None have duplicated the Accuracy of the

Kwik-Way Six-Ball Centerlining Chuck




Based on fundamental design principles that existed in 1920 and still exist today,

Kwik-Way Remains

The Most Accurate Valve Grinding System Ever Conceived:  .0002 or less *

* with High Performance Chuck







           True Valve    Warped Valve

The Kwik-Way Principle:  CENTERLINE


The Kwik-Way "Centerlining System" is the only way to correct and align valve faces to that portion of the valve stem operating in the guide.  Unless a valve is scientifically aligned, the valve face will be ground eccentric to its true center.   A new valve is true and mechanically accurate in all its proportions.  The valve face and stem are concentric with the same centerline. 

Warping occurs only in that part of the valve that is subject to extreme heat - the portion above the guide and in the valve head.  To correct a warped valve so it will function properly when replaced in the engine, the valve face must be restored to concentricity with the portion of the stem that operates in the guide.  The Kwik-Way "Centerlining System" assures this alignment and accuracy.




Every Kwik-Way  SVS II is equipped with this air-activated, self-aligning six-ball chuck that is accurate to within .0002”  with the High Performance Chuck (.0005" with standard chuck)



Six-ball alignment for perfect grinding:  Every Kwik-Way chuck features two sets of balls - 3 balls to a set - which grip the valve stem on that part which travels in the valve guide. 

This exclusive six-ball, compound compensating, self-centering chuck automatically aligns the valve, refacing it concentric with the original centerline of the valve system



Six-Ball Chuck:  Air-Activated • Self-Aligning • No other system is as accurate and precise

Consistent Accuracy:

The main advantage that others have failed to duplicate is Kwik-Way’s exclusive six-ball centerlining chuck. The two sets of balls (three in each set), automatically find the existing valve stem centerline. This chuck handles any valve stem from 4mm to 14.3mm.  Other machines can require as many as nine separate collets to achieve the same range. 

Collet and "so-called centerless grinders"  transfer wear from the valve stem directly to the valve face during grinding.  Historically, these designs are only capable of achieving their advertised accuracy on NEW valves.  The Kwik-Way Six-Ball, Centerlining Chuck design triangulates (or centers in) the wear area of the valve stem in order to grind the face concentric to the actual stem centerline.  Because the two sets of centering balls act independently, taper on the valve stem will not affect accuracy (even on new valves).  This feature is available EXCLUSIVELY with the SIX-BALL CENTERLINING CHUCK - a standard feature on all KWIK-WAY SVS II DELUXE Valve Refacers.

The Kwik-Way design features dovetail ways which remain adjustable for long-term accuracy. The valve position swivel plate is indexed in 1º increments to ensure accuracy of grinding angles from 13º to 62º.



Designed with You in Mind

  Features   Benefits

Air-Operated, Six-Ball Chuck

  Self- Aligning and accurate to within .0002” with the optional High Performance Chuck - .0005 with standard chuck.

Consistent Accuracy


Two sets of 3 balls automatically find the existing valve stem centerline to assure valve grinding accuracy.


Valve Stems: 4.0mm to 14.3 mm - up to 21mm (11.11mm to 20.6mm) with optional chuck assembly: 012-1025-21



Other machines can require up to 9 separate collets to achieve the same range.


Variable Speed Chuck


Valve faces are made from different materials and also have various diameters.  To provide consistent finishes, Kwik-Way's infinitely variable speed chuck allows the operator to vary the valve speed quickly and accurately to provide the optimum finish.



Saves Time



Air-activated chuck opens quickly to its full diameter with the touch of a button. Operators can work through a wide range of valve sizes without stopping to change collets or make chuck adjustments.  Unlike many other grinders, it is not mandatory to pre-grind the valve tip to achieve accurate results - saving time and repetitive motion for the operator.



Stem Grinding


Standard attachment for butt-end grinding and stem chamfering increases the equipment’s capabilities.


Rocker Arm Grinding


The standard equipment rocker arm attachment allows the operator to quickly reface most shaft-mounted rocker arms.


Adjustable Swivel Plate


The valve position swivel plate adjusts in 1° increments from 13° to 62° to assure accuracy of the grinding angle.


Designed for Safety


The exposed area of the grinding wheel faces away from the operator who is shielded by the protective housing.


Superior Visibility


Operator looks directly at the valve face without leaning over the machine.


Clean Operation


Coolant stays in the machine - doesn’t spray the operator or the adjacent work area.


Longer Wheel Life


Kwik-Way Original Equipment wheels, grinding oil and diamonds assure longer wheel life by requiring less frequent dressing and more valves serviced.


Diamond Dressing Arm

  Swivels into the last position used and is locked without the need for special tools or wrenches.

Storage Cabinet


Optional heavy duty cabinet and floor stand provides convenient storage and conserves space.


Handy Heavy Duty Cabinet,  designed for the SVS II Deluxe Valve Refacer, is sold separately.




  Butt Grinding fixture is standard with all Kwik-Way SVS II Deluxe Valve Refacers No Other System is as Versatile and Precise
  Rocker Arm Grinding fixture is standard with all Kwik-Way SVS II Deluxe Valve Refacers

            4.0mm - 14.3 mm




For further information







Minimum Chuck Capacity: Standard

.1575" (4mm)

  Standard Accessories:



Maximum Chuck Capacity: Standard

.5625" (14.3mm)


1/8" Hex Wrench



Valve Head Diameter Capacity

.75"-4" (19-101.6mm)


5/32" Hex Wrench



Minimum Stem Length

  [Minimum Stem Length Defined]

1.850" (47mm)


3/17" Hex Wrench



Valve Wheel Diameter

7" (178mm)


1 Gallon (3.8L) Grinding Oil



Surface Wheel Diameter

3" (76mm)


Chuck Assembly Tool



Spindle Drive Motor

1/2 hp


Spanner Wrench



Chuck Drive Motor

Gear Drive 1/12 hp


Diamond Dressing Tool, Tip Grinding



Coolant Capacity

1 Gallon (3.8L)


Diamond Dressing Tool, Face Grinding 



Valve Wheel rpm/sfpm



Rocker Arm Attachment



Stem Wheel rpm/sfpm





Variable Chuck Speed





Minimum Air Requirement

65 psi

  Optional Accessories:



Overall Length

37" (940mm)

  Valve Refacer Cabinet



Overall Width

22" (599mm)


High Performance Chuck



Overall Height

16" (406mm)


Grinding Wheels:

General Purpose - for most common grinding jobs

Premium - provides faster stock removal and less frequent dressing (excellent performance for a wide range of materials

Stellite - for grinding hard alloy valves

Titanium - for titanium valves in high performance engines

Finishing - for smooth, mirror-like valve finish



Height (on optional cabinet)

51" (1295mm)


Shipping Weight

330 lbs (150kg)




Ordering Information:



7" General Purpose Wheel


  SVS Series II Deluxe-115V/60Hz/1Ph
.1575"-.5625" (4-14.3mm) capacity chuck



7" Titanium Wheel


  SVS Series II Deluxe - 115V/60Hz/1P 9/32"-11/16" (7-17.5mm) capacity chuck



7" Stellite Wheel


  SVS Series II Deluxe -115V/60Hz/1Ph
7/16"-13/16" (11.1-21mm) capacity chuck



7" Premium Wheel


  SVS Series II Deluxe-115V/60Hz/1Ph
High Performance Chuck (.0002" T.I.R.)



7" Finishing Wheel


  Note: 50 Hertz Machines Available for Export



3" General Purpose Stem Grinding Wheel



3" Fine Rocker Arm Grinding Wheel



Minimum Valve Stem Length Defined

The Minimum Valve Stem Length is measured from the Keepers Groove to the beginning of the Valve Head Taper.  The SVS II D Valve Refacer supports a minimun valve stem length of 47mm or 1.85 inches.  Also, the Valve Head Length must have at least 1 inch of length protruding from the Valve Chuck Assembly so as to engage the grinding wheel.

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