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RAG160/RAG210 Crackshaft grinder

The line of engine reconditioning machine tools manufactured by Comec, enrich by two new products:The crankshaft grinders RAG160 and RAG210. Both models offer the usual sturdiness, reliability and ease to use features that since 50 years distinguish all products of the Italian brand. The only difference between the two models concerns the working capacity that is 1600 mm on the RAG160 and 2100 mm on the RAG210. The great quality of raw material like the cast iron composing the main parts of the machine, the high care in the machining and assembling process, as well as all purchasing components MADE IN ITALY, grant the customer an high quality product at a unbeatable price.



Specifications RAG 160 RAG210
Center height over table 230 mm 300 mm
Max centre distance 1570 mm 2000 mm
Max chuck distance 1520 mm 1950 mm
Swing over table 460 mm 600 mm
Max faceplate eccentricy 80 mm 120 mm
Max weight over the on centres 130 Kg 180 Kg
Max grinding diametre with new wheel 190 mm 160 mm
Max swing over rest 100 mm 160 mm
Diametre of chucks 175 mm 200 mm
Max diametre od grinding wheel 660 mm 710 mm
Normal thickness of grindinge wheel 25 mm 25 mm
Max thickness of wheel 50 mm 70 mm
Whellhead feed per handwheel revolution 1 mm 1 mm
Wheelhead rapid traverse 140 mm 140 mm
Wheelhead fine feed 170 mm 170 mm
Workhead spindle speed 25-45-70 RPM 25-45-70 RPM
Table fine feed per handwheel revolution 6 mm 6 mm
Table rapid feed rate 3000-5000 mm/min 3000-5000 mm/min
Wheelhead motor 5,5 HP 7,5 HP
Workhead motor 0,75 Hp 0,75 HP
Hydaulic power unit motor 1 HP 1 HP
Weight 3600 Kg 4500 Kg
Overall dimension 5300x1950x1500 mm 6850x1950x1550 mm














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